Rai Botey

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Graphic Design & Visual Communication.

Raimon Botey is a graphic designer based in Barcelona working in visual identity, editorial design, signage & environmental design, web design and more.

After having worked in several studios such as Extra!, Lava, BaseDesign and Mucho he decided to run his own studio. During his career he has had the opportunity to work for clients such as Seguros Catalana Occidente, Balclis, FIATC Seguros, Activa Mútua, Telefónica, Obra Social “La Caixa”, Loop Barcelona and many more.

Currently, he combines his eveyday practice with teaching in some design schools (Eina, Bau, Idep, IED, etc.).

Please feel free to write to info@raibotey.com for further information.

“Barcelona Col·lecciona” book and “Ibiza Gran Hotel” brochure are BaseDesign projects. “Vídeo-Régimen” catalogue and FIATC signage are shared projects with Dani Rubio Arauna. Photos © Borja Ballbé.

Mail: info@raibotey.com
Twitter: @raibotey
Instagram: @raibotey